T.Y. Mentoring- KDYS train a record number of volunteers!

Over the past 2 weeks, 41 Transition Tear students underwent the training needed to become mentors for the new first year students. This peer mentoring program is run by the school chaplain, Mr Magee.

Tim Nolan from the youth organization KDYS came to the school and talked to the T.Y. students about the importance of their role as mentors and also played games he referred to as “Ice breaker games”. These games were designed to be a fun way to learn people’s names and information about them.

They will be very useful next Monday when the first session with the first years takes place. We have planned events such as team-building games, communication activities and plan to do full-day sports events throughout the year.

These activities will help the First Years settle in to their new school and get involved in the many extra-curricular activities on offer, as well as providing the T.Y. group with opportunities to develop new skills.

Chris Horan