T.Y. Development Day

develop me.jpg

On the 13th of September, the T.Y students participated in a workshop called “Develop Me”. It was about developing their skills in teamwork, management and planning. The leaders of the work shop were Ger O’ Shea and Owen O’ Brien. The T.Y students participated in a game called “The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine”. This activity required clear objectives setting, planning, collaboration and execution.

There were 2 teams with 5 groups in each so 10 groups all together. The game involved going to a mine and collecting as much gold as possible, you could only go to the mine once and you could not come back the way you came to the mine and the more nights you spent in the mine, the more gold you received but you only had 20 days to get as much gold as possible. Every group was given a certain amount of resources at the start of the game but you could buy or trade resources at 3 different points on the map. The game “The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine” was really about looking at the best approach to projects or anything in life.

It was a great activity and good fun.

Transition YearChris Horan