The move from Primary to Secondary School is a major step in the growth and development of your son/daughter.

This transition can be somewhat daunting both for you and your child. We try to assist in making this transition as easy as possible.


Open Night

Student registration for incoming first years (6th class students) takes place in first term, during the school's Open Night. This date is advertised locally and schools in the area are informed. A second enrolment night takes place in January.

Students who wish to join the school at second year or higher, or wish to join during the school year should contact the school directly. Please bring your son/daughter with you on the night of enrolment - it may be their first time in the building and it is good to have support. The long version of the Birth Certificate is required on enrolment night (unfortunately, the Baptism Certificate is not an adequate substitute).

The Enrolment Form will be completed with your help and any special points of interest should be noted i.e. friends in Primary School, Special Educational Needs, health, particular interests. It is important for us to be informed.


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Coomlogane, Millstreet, Co Cork


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Mr Pól Ó Síodhcháin


Conditions of Enrolment

Conditions of Enrolment Your child is offered a place as a pupil of Millstreet Community School. The School accepts that it has a duty to provide the best second-level schooling possible and assist you in furthering the social, moral and physical development of your child. It is a responsibility which we take very seriously but is dependent upon resources available to us. Your child will now become part of a school community, entitled to the care and support of the whole School. Though one of 400 pupils, we assure that we cherish your child, as an individual consistent with the ethos of caring which we embody. Equally, we expect that you, as a parent, will be supportive of our efforts on your child's behalf.

In return, we expect your child to abide by the following common-sense terms:

* To attend school regularly and punctually, being absent only for good reason and with parental permission. * To follow fully the timetable assigned, being absent from class only with prior permission of the teacher concerned. * To work and study to the maximum of ability and conscientiously attempt all assignments set. * To be neat and tidy in appearance, in full school dress and to abide by the regulations regarding wearing of jewellery and ornaments. *To treat teachers and fellow-pupils with respect and to refrain from interference with the person/property of others or the School. * To accept the Code of Discipline for students.

The following practices are examples of unacceptable behaviour which will be the subject of disciplinary action: Bullying; Fighting; Vandalism; Using vulgar language; Smoking; Chewing gum.