Pastoral Care

There is a strong and highly developed sense of Pastoral Care in Millstreet Community School. Teachers take an active interest in the progress and development of the student and are available and accessible to both student and parents/guardians. Co-operation between teachers, parents/guardians and students is an innate part of the philosophy which we seek to achieve at all times. We place great emphasis on the development of the whole person.

MCS pastoral care

Promoting holistic development

We actively seek to promote the development of young people who are confident and capable. We encourage social awareness and the ability to relate to others.

The essence of Pastoral Care in Millstreet Community School is Respect - Respect for Self, Respect for Others and Respect for our Environment.


The Tutor System in the School underpins the attitude of caring, concern and expectation which exists throughout this School.

Your Tutor will be your contact and mentor throughout your years here. He/she will get to know you and monitor, in a general way, your progress through the School, giving you advice, assurance or admonition as required.

The Tutor will meet your parent/guardians on Parent/Guardian Day and it is important that Tutors be kept abreast of any changes which may affect your schooling.