Ty and Ag Scientists go Ploughing


More Monte Carlo than Fenagh, Carlow!

On Thursday the 19th of September the TY students and the 5th and 6th year Ag Science students attended the National Ploughing Match in Carlow. With an early 6:30 am start, the two buses headed to Carlow. We arrived at 11:30 and arranged a meeting place for the end of the day. All students then began to make their way around the vast complex. It certainly wasn’t a day for wellies, with scorching temperatures reaching up to 25 degrees. Us students persevered and walked all around the complex. We looked at the stands on various aspects of science, meteorology, botany, zoology in the various exhibits showing how science is bringing cutting edge developments to agriculture, food science and employment. We also visited the amusements, food stalls, sports shops and much more. We headed back to the bus at 4 o clock and set off on the long journey home. There was a much needed food stop in Clonmel as the students indulged in KFC. It was a quiet journey home after the 15 hour day and many nodded off. Overall it was a brilliant day and we’d highly recommend it to future groups!

Chris Horan