Junk Kouture

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Junk Kouture is a Bank of Ireland sponsored schools’ initiative takes elements such as fashion, design, engineering and environmental sustainability and transforms them into a creative contest for students.

A group of T.Y. students in MCS with teacher Mrs Moynihan has taken on the Junk Kouture challenge and are preparing two projects; “Umbrella Dress” (Elaina, Linda and Yuna) and “Pop Art Dress”. (Julia, Emma, Alison.)

Umbrella Dress

Our dress was inspired by the horrible weather that we get in Ireland. It seemed like a good idea to link in the weather with our dress, so we used an umbrella as the bottom part of our dress. It took a lot of work to try and make the dress look like an umbrella.


Pop Art Dress

We made our outfit based on the pop art culture. We used materials such as sweet wrappers, old curtains, old comic books and recycled cardboard.

The skirt is decorated with old sweet wrappers and old comic book strips. The material of the skirt is an old curtain and an old bed sheet.

The top will be an old bandeau, decorated with old sweet wrappers and old comic book strips.

The head piece is going to be made out of wire. On the wire, we will attach cardboard cut outs in shapes of pop culture effects with words on it such as “POP” and “POW”. There will also be old, recycled markers which will drip onto the models body using body paint. They will be stuck onto the indent of plastic spoons which will also have coloured wax in it.

The shoes will be yellow high heels, covered in old comic book strips and old sweet wrappers. The accessory will be an old phone made out of cardboard.