TY Surf and Turf!

Surfs Up Dude!



On 26th of September the TYs set off for Glenilen farm and Inchydoney Beach. We set off at an early start of 7:30am. We arrived at the farm and they gave us a tour of the factory. Where we got a taster of their famous yoghurt and cheesecake, the cheesecake was a big hit among us. Yum! Alan, the owner of the farm, gave us a tour of his garden where he kept his pigs and chickens, while also telling us some interesting stories about his pigs getting drunk from the alcohol in the fruit. He also took us into his old milking parlour and we stuck our fingers in the milking machine.

After our indulgence of Alan’s lovely cheesecake, we set off for Inchydoney. At Inchydoney we rushed to the changing rooms and struggled to put on our wetsuits, some were even ripped! We got into our groups and our instructors told us the basics of surfing. Then we got into the water thinking we’d be hitting the waves like were in Home and Away but we were far from that! We were thrown around and we struggled to keep our heads above the waves although we were only knee deep in the water.

Most of the waves were manageable but some of them were bomb! After a while we were determined to catch a wave and so we did! Mr Guerin made us all look incompetent once he got up on that surfboard looking like a majestic dolphin. After our surfing and the most stressful part of the day which was trying to get our wetsuits off, we sat down in the hotel and we were served hot teas and coffees and scones which we savagely ate. We got back on the bus exhausted and half of us were total wipeouts. We had a great day, it was a wonderful experience especially for first time surfers! It was gnarly brah! We recommend it to all our dudes and dudettes!