T.Y. Activities

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The T.Y. Cohort hace been working non-stop and have completed a huge variety of projects including Team Building Talk (K.D.Y.S.)T.Y. Clara ClimbK.D.Y.S. Mentoring SessionMillstreet Hospital TalkOrganising 1st Yr. Football BlitzBallyhass Outdoor PursuitsPoughing ChampionshipsDrive for LifeDevelopment Educ. TalkMini-Company in CharlevilleI.R.D. Talk on DisabilitiesMillstreet Hospital TalkS.V.P. TalkTrip to Recycling CentreRecyling Talk from CountrycleanTrip to Farran "Zip It"T.Y. ExamsTrad for TrocaireWork ExperienceS.V.P. TalkAWARE "Beat the Blues"Tidy Towns Survey in Super ValuProject Displays - Open Night