Ballyhass Lakes TY Trip.

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On the 14th of September, T.Y. students went to Ballyhass Lakes Outdoor Pursuit Centre. We left the school at 8:30 When we arrived, we were split into two groups and began our activities.

I was in group 2. Group 1 participated in the same activities as us at different times. First, we got helmets and headed down to low ropes. This was a fun team building activity and we had a great laugh trying to go through all of the obstacles.

After low ropes, we took off our helmets and all changed into our wetsuits. We walked down to the end of the lake to do ‘Ringo’. We were pulled along really fast in the water and some of us even fell off! When we were waiting for our turn, we jumped in the lake and swam around.

After Ringo, we got back into our own clothes and ate our lunch. Some of us got hot chocolate in the shop to try to warm up after the water.

Lunch then ended and we went into the hall and got our harnesses on. We walked to the ‘Gladiator’, a vertical obstacle course. We each went up and raced each other. When we weren’t racing, we helped the instructors with the ropes. At the end of this activity, some of us even went up the leap of faith. We had to climb up to the platform at the top of the pole and jump for the bar (while wearing a harness, of course!).

When we were finished at Gladiator, we walked up to the top of the flat rock and abseiled down. It was high and steep. From the top, we could see all of the lake and watched people doing other activities on the water.

The day was fantastic fun and got us out of our comfort zone, taking on scary challenges and working with people we mightn’t know that well.

Sadly, we had to leave after this. We all had a really great day and got back to the school just before 4 p.m.

Thanks to Mrs McAuliffe and Mr Morley for coming with us, our bus driver, and the instructors at Ballyhass.

Pól Ó Síodhcháin